The history of water activities in the province is related to two decades before the victory of the Islamic Revolution. At that time, a team of experts from the Fars Water Studies Department was sent to the region to study the province's water resources in a scattered manner. In 1973, the Khuzestan Water and Electricity Organization established an office called the Hydrology Office in Yasuj, which followed the study of the province's surface water resources. After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, this office started working under the supervision of Fars Regional Water Organization and under the title of Provincial Water Affairs Office. In 1983, the provincial water affairs office was upgraded to the province's water affairs and carried out preliminary studies of some construction projects and supervised their implementation and the steps of filing wells and motor pumps. In 1991, in order to decentralize the Ministry of Energy and development of water structures and apply proper management of water resources, the General Departments of Water Affairs of the provinces were formed and in 1993, the General Department of Water Affairs was established, which is subordinated to the Fars Regional Water Organization. Bushehr, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad were active. In 2006, based on the resolution of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the approval of the Guardian Council on the establishment of independent regional water companies, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Regional Water Company started its activities independently with its activities and major goals, in which valuable measures were taken. Regarding the study, development, protection and operation of water resources and water and hydroelectric structures have been removed.

The subject of the company's activity, in accordance with Article 7 of the Statute, is the recognition, study, development, conservation, optimal utilization of water resources, the production of electric power water, the creation, development, operation and maintenance of water facilities and structures (with the exception of facilities and Water and Sewage Structures) and Hydroelectric Power, within the framework of the duties set forth in the relevant laws and regulations and the Ministry of Energy's policies for achieving the goals set forth in the company's articles of association within its scope




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